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Personalized Watches by Briel Enterprises

We offer something unusual and exciting — personalized wristwatches!

Our watch features a 1-inch face with a black leather band, acid gold-plated case and quality Japanese quartz movement. See below for close-up view.

In past years, we sold hundreds of these watches for $39.50, but we’re now able to offer them at $29.50. Imagine that! Ten years later and the price is $10 less!

Below are our stock choices of watch faces, shown twice the actual size so you can see the detail. You can order any of them for $29.50. If you don’t see what you want, ask about a custom design. Depending upon the complexity of your design, there may be an additional charge for the artwork. If your idea is something we’d like to add to our stock watches, we won’t charge you for the artwork.

Order by style name and specify your choice of wording and any desired color changes. We’ll accommodate your requests whenever possible. Allow ten days for production time of stock watches. New designs may take longer.


Watch photo

See stock styles below.

World's Greatest Mother watch

World's Greatest Father

Education Basics watch

Time to Fish! watch

World’s Greatest

World’s Greatest

Education Basics

Time to Fish!
Available with relationship of your choice. Grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, stepmom, aunt — you name it. What a nice surprise this watch would be for an anniversary, birthday or on Mother’s Day.   Also available with relationship of your choice. Grandfather, husband, brother, son, stepfather, uncle, neighbor, boss, etc. A truly one-of-a-kind present for a special person in your life. Specify name and relationship.   This watch can also include a third line of text to recognize an achievement, set a goal or add a year of graduation. Makes a great gift for students and teachers alike. Perfect for the Student of the Month or as a thank you to a favorite teacher.   Here’s one with a fish that’s practically jumping onto the hook. It’s perfect for the guy or gal who can never get enough fishing time. Nice for Father’s Day. Also available as I Love to Fish or I Live to Fish.

Smell the Roses watch

Graduate watch

Graduation Rose watch

Dolphin watch

Smell the Roses


Graduation Rose

Know anyone who needs a daily reminder to stop and smell the roses? Perhaps you? This watch helps the wearer to remember to put the proper priorities on the various aspects of life. Text color can be changed.   Perfect as a gift at graduation time, but also great for students to wear during the years before graduation.   Another graduation theme, but this time with a beautiful red rose. Wonderful for students of any age or gender.   Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, and this watch would be appreciated by anyone who loves them.

School watch

Teacher/Schoolhouse watch

Teacher/Apple watch

Expect the Best watch




Expect the Best!
Students of all ages will love this watch. It includes not only their name, but also the name of their school and date of graduation. The numbers on the face are bright red to match the cute little school.   It doesn’t have to say Teacher of the Year. You may decide that it would serve as a nice thank you gift, or perhaps that it suits a Student of the Month. You choose the text and we’ll make your teacher or student happy.   An apple for the teacher? This watch also works well for students. You choose the text and we create the artwork to suit your specific needs.   What a cheery thought! The optimists among us —as well as those who need to be reminded to look on the bright side — will love this beautiful watch. The flowers and text are done in shades of lavender and purple.


Time for Hugs watch

I Broke My Record watch
Stick Your Neck Out


Time for Hugs

I Broke My Record!

Stick Your Neck Out
What a terrific way to recognize those who coach or play on Little League teams! Also great for school teams or the office league. Need a different sport? Just ask us. Anything is possible.   Scientific studies have shown that hugging is beneficial to your health, and this watch lets everyone know you are someone who loves to hug and be hugged. Our cute little huggy bears are available on button badges, too.   Sales record, fundraising record, sports record, or just the record for consecutive days you’ve been alive. Whatever record you have to celebrate, let the world know about it with this watch. The date line is optional.   We can all learn a lesson from the turtle. To make any progress, or to get ahead of the rest of the pack, you really do have to stick your neck out and take a chance now and then.

Anniversary 1 watch

Anniversary 2 watch

Checkered Flag watch
Dog Racing watch

Anniversary 1

Anniversary 2

Checkered Flag

Dog Racing
In addition to being a beautiful way to commemorate a wedding anniversary, this watch will also make an attractive gift for the bridesmaids, bride, ushers or groomsmen, the groom, or even the parents or grandparents of the wedding couple.   Here’s another style that works well for anniversaries or weddings. Did you know that clocks and watches are traditional gifts for a couple’s first anniversary? Treat your favorite couple to a matching pair.   Whether it’s time trials on a major racetrack, a season in a go-cart, or surviving the daily commute, you can memorialize your driving accomplishments. The date is optional and the choice of text is yours. Great for road rallyers and autocrossers.   If you’re always counting the time until you can get back to the dog track, this is the watch for you. The color of the dog blanket and number can be changed, if you wish, so this watch will be truly personal.

Hole in One! watch

Flag watch

Eagle Flag watch
Crocus watch

Hole in One!


Eagle Flag

Commemorate the day of a remarkable achievement! Includes golfer’s name, date, hole number and the name of the golf course. Order one for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Also available as I Love to Golf or I Live to Golf.   This is an excellent choice for the patriot on your gift list. It’s also a wonderful way to commemorate the date of naturalization for a new citizen.   The U.S. flag and eagle combine to form a truly patriotic symbol. This watch would be cherished by military veterans, elected officials, or anyone else who is proud to be an American.   These lovely crocus flowers form a beautiful border on this watch face. The date, or any other second line of text, is optional.

Just for Tupperware Sales People

This is our special Tupperware watch, and it has the same beautiful cranberry bowl and Tupperware rose that appears on our famous Bowl Badge and other products we sell.

You can have up to four lines of type, so it’s perfect for recognizing star performers in sales and recruiting. These are samples of what Tupperware distributors have chosen:

  • Four promote-outs in a year
  • Highest sales in the year
  • Twenty or more personal recruits
  • Top 100 in the nation
  • Twenty+ years of service

Many distributors who have seen this beautiful watch order one with their name on it to use as a sample when issuing a challenge to consultants, managers, and units.

 Watch Photo

Watches may also be ordered with your own company logo, and we’ll be happy to discuss that option with you by phone at (626) 282-7777 or by e-mail at BrielEnt@aol.com.

How to Order

To place an order, just send us an e-mail listing the items that you want. Include the following information:

  » Your full name and your shipping address
  » Your telephone number and the best time to reach you
  » Which payment method you intend to use — MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal

If you will be using a credit card, we’ll call you to acknowledge your order, discuss any personalization you may need, give you an expected shipping date, and verify your credit card information.

If you will be using PayPal, we will reply via e-mail, giving you a total for your order. You can then go to PayPal and send us the money. When we receive PayPal’s confirmation, we’ll ship your order, generally the same day.

If you prefer, you can send us a check via snail mail, but that will certainly delay the shipment of your merchandise.

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