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Ribbons by Briel Enterprises

 Ruffled Rosettes


We sell two basic kinds of ribbons. The ones pictured to the left are called Rosettes with Streamers.

They’re made to hold a 3-inch button, and some suggested uses are:

  • Greeter at rallies
  • Recognition of top performers
  • Designation of trainers, helpers and assistants
  • Anyone who needs to be spotted easily in a crowd

The special price is $8, including the 3-inch stock button of your choice, but only while our limited supplies last.

Available only in the color combinations shown below.


All rosettes are 6 inches in diameter
and the streamers are 3 inches long.

Below — Lime Rosette with Orange Streamers,
shown with a 3-inch button badge.

Lime Ruffle, Orange Streamers, Greeter Button

Hot Pink Ruffle with Lime Streamers

Hot Pink Rosette with Lime Streamers

Yellow Ruffle with Hot Pink Streamers

Yellow Rosette with Hot Pink Streamers

Orange Ruffle with Yellow Streamers

Rainbow Ruffle

Orange Rosette with Yellow Streamers

Rainbow Rosette with Rainbow Streamers

Blue Rosette  

The blue Rosettes have no streamers.
They sell for $7 each, including the
3-inch stock button of your choice.

Supplies are limited.

Dread the thought of poking holes in your clothes?
Don’t forget to take a look at our special SwingFree badge holders.
Badges always hang straight and clothes remain undamaged.

Top Units of the WeekThese are also available for units 6 through 10.

 Flat Ribbons

These are the second kind of ribbons we sell. They’re all approximately 6 inches long, and the width is either 1.5 or 2 inches.


Unit of the Week

2 by 6 inches

24¢ each


We also sell personalized flat ribbons, and they are 65¢ each. See the sample shown at the bottom of this page.

 Weekly Ribbons  

Weekly Winners!

The ribbons on the left are great for recognizing your top consultant, new consultant, manager, new manager, executive manager, and new unit of the week.

1.5 by 6 inches

22¢ each

For your top units of the week, see the special ribbons shown above.

Red & Green Ribbons  

VIP, Hostess & Star Hostess

Left and above —
2 by 6 inches and 24¢ each.

Dynasty Ribbon

Personalized Flat Ribbons

These ribbons are 2.5 by 8 inches, and they are personalized. The minimum order is 100, and the price is 65¢ each.

There are many colors from which to choose, and several colors of foil for the text. Contact us for more information.

A limited number of graphic elements can be added, as shown at left, but there is a $5 surcharge for that option.

The text will be printed horizontally. Vertical type carries a surcharge and is more difficult to read.

Please allow 10 to 14 days delivery time for personalized ribbons.


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