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Awards by Briel Enterprises

4+ Units Award

This stunning award measures 11 by 14 inches, and the balloons are applied individually.
The price is $38, and that includes 12 personalized balloons.

Photo of 4+ Units

Here’s a great way to recognize units that recruit four or more new consultants in a month.

The award is framed in gold metal, measuring 11 by 14 inches. The title and colorful confetti background are printed on white paper, and the balloons are separate pieces that you apply each month. They’re printed in a range of attractive colors — a different one for each month — and they each have an attached curly ribbon that hangs freely. The balloons have tape on the back, so you can stick them anywhere you like on the plaque.

After you have your plaque, you e-mail me the names of your qualifying units each month and I send you a balloon with two-faced tape on the back, ready to apply.

This award can be used for several years! The 4+ Award is $38, but once you have it, you can order a new background and balloon set for subsequent years. The cost for that upgrade is just $25, because you’ll be using the gold frame again.

You need not wait until the beginning of a year to start using this award. Any month of the year can be your starting point for recognizing 4+ Units.

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