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Products that help your business grow!

Welcome to our website! Briel Enterprises was founded in 1969, when we, Richard and Bettelu Briel, noticed the need for products that could help Tupperware distributors and managers. Bettelu (pronounced as if it were spelled Betty Lou) had been selling Tupperware since 1961 and was a manager for 12 years. Along with our grandson, Kevin Briel, we now devote our complete attention to Briel Enterprises. We offer a range of products that will be useful to almost everyone!

Take my job and love it!

Full-Color Button Badges
Our Stock Button Badges — in various sizes and now numbering more than 200 — are all online and they sell for just 75¢ each. The minimum order is one button!

We are able to meet the needs of many people and companies, including the U.S. Post Office and Home Depot, as you’ll see when you visit our Custom Button Badges page. Custom buttons sell for 85¢ each, after a one-time artwork charge.

Companies that want a corporate identity can order Logo Button Badges, and when we create a design it also can be used on some of our other products, such as name badges, awards and wristwatches.

And be sure to see our new Magnetic-Back Buttons. Personalized, they’re a great way to keep your name plastered all over your customers’ refrigerators.

Name Badges
We manufacture name badges using two different methods.

In addition to Reverse Engraved Badges, we also offer full-color badges in two shapes. Full-Color Rectangular Badges, as shown at right, are $5.00 and up. We can use your existing company logo or create one for you.

Our Full-Color Round Name Badges, three of which are shown below, are only $3.50 each. We have dozens of stock styles from which to choose, with designs that are appropriate for men, women and kids. The price includes personalization with your name, plus your title or company name, if you wish.

We also make Custom Round Name Badges, which are $3.50 each, plus a one-time artwork charge. Discounts are available when ordering 20 or more of one design. They’re great for parties!

Visit our Name Badges page for pricing, size, and color information.

 Full-Color Name Badge, Style A

Summerville, Small

See our large selection of stock Full-Color Round Name Badges. They’re only $3.50, including personalization.

Agapanthus & Butterfly Name Badge 

Fishing Name Badge 

 Kite Name Badge


 Photo of SwingFree

 SwingFree Badge Holders
There’s no doubt that name badges and button badges promote business, but people don’t like to poke holes in their nice clothes.

Solution? A SwingFree badge holder!

The unique design allows it to swing freely and hang straight no matter where you clip it. Up, down, angled, on a pocket or collar — the badge is always straight and readable. Prices start at $2 each for small quantities.

Personalized Watches
We sell personalized wristwatches for $29.50. They feature a 1-inch face, black leather band, acid gold-plated case and quality Japanese quartz movement.

The Tupperware Bowl & Rose logo is one of our standard styles, and we have many others from which to choose. We can also create custom designs to commemorate any event, hobby, occupation, avocation, or occasion. Read our Personalized Watches page for all the details.

Photo of Personalized Watch

Monthly Plaque Award    Sculptured Ice Award  Marbled Frames


Recognize and reward top performers while you help your business grow. We make many attractive awards in a range of styles and prices. Visit our Awards page to see the current collection.

Pom Poms

We sell rooter poms, and everyone knows that pom poms help keep enthusiasm high. They’re especially attractive when waved in large groups of matching colors.

Each of our poms has 500 strands of metallic mylar, with prices as low as $2.25 each. On our Poms page, you can see the various color combinations that are available.

Shake those poms!  Remember — it isn’t the size of the pom that counts, it’s the enthusiasm of the shaker.


 Stamp #42

Stamp #9A

Stamp #47

Rubber Stamps
We make two kinds of Rubber Stamps. One is the good old-fashioned kind, made of real rubber mounted on a wooden handle. They are used with a separate inked stamp pad to make impressions.

We also manufacture self-inking stamps. They come in a plastic housing that includes a small stamp pad, and as the name implies, they ink themselves every time you use them.

See our large selection of stock stamps, some of which were made for the special needs of Tupperware consultants. We also make name and address stamps, as well as check endorsement stamps. And we sell stamp pads and ink, too.

 Flat Ribbons


We sell two types of ribbons. Flat ribbons start at 22¢ each. Our ruffled rosettes are 6 inches in diameter, sell for $8 each, and include your choice of a stock 3-inch button. They’re great for anyone who needs to stand out in a crowd!

We also offer personalized flat ribbons. See the Ribbons page for more info.

 Greeter Ribbon

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How to Order

To place an order, just send us an e-mail listing the items that you want. Include the following information:

  » Your full name and your shipping address
  » Your telephone number and the best time to reach you
  » Which payment method you intend to use —Check, Cash, Money Order or PayPal

If you will be using PayPal, we will reply via e-mail, giving you a total for your order. You can then go to PayPal and send us the money. When we receive PayPal’s confirmation, we’ll ship your order, generally the same day.

If you prefer, you can send us a check via snail mail, but that will certainly delay the shipment of your merchandise.

Thanks for Visiting Us!
Our website is constantly under construction. Only a portion of our awards are shown, because we’re still learning how to use a digital camera. We will be updating frequently until we have our complete inventory online — and we’re always adding brand new items! Please bookmark this site and visit us often.

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to ask. Although the technology of the web is modern, all of our customers are still treated the old-fashioned way — personally.


Briel Enterprises
922 N. Garfield Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 282-7777 (Voice)
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